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Andalusian beauty
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Barriada Garcia AquaPosada Los siete arcos is situated in Cártama, a peaceful Andalusian village within 20 from the tourist city of Málaga. Typical village sight The cities of Granada, Sevilla and Córdoba, all characterised by a spectacular and stirring history, are located nearby as well. Andalusia is the largest province of Spain and is larger than Belgium.

Andalusia embodies the essence of Spain. Beach All typical elements of the country can be found here: long sandy beaches, an azure sea, vivid seaside resorts where entertainment can be found day and night, flamenco dancers, tapas, bullfights, traditional costumes and proud cities with a valuable historical heritage.

Andalusia is a region of contrasts. You can tell by the people: noble families with a glorious history, Conquista and years of oppression by the Moors, Reconquista, North-African immigrants and Gibraltar. Just a random selection from the countless elements that have made these mettlesome people what they are today.
You can tell by the culture: the siesta or man having to bend to the blinding brilliance of nature, View of Cártamaguitars, singing, dancing and stirring rhythms as a way of release in times of prosperity as well as in times of aversity, while the delicious cuisine with its exotic touches entices you to enjoy life. terwijl de heerlijke gastronomie met een exotisch tintje uitnodigt tot genieten van het leven.
You can certainly tell by the scenery: beaches, mountains, farmland and dense woods alternate. Enjoying yourself on a sun-drenched pavement in the morning and skiing on the snow-covered mountain tops in the Sierra Nevada in the afternoon: all is possible!

In short: sun worshipper or night owl, adventurer or history freak, Andalusia has got a lot in store for you!