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Andalusian beauty
Picturesque street
La Malagueta
Sierra de las Nieves
View from our hotel
Picturesque street
View of the snow-clad mountains
Sierra Nevada
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Two kinds of mountains
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Snow in sight
Andalusian beauty
Fishing on the jetties
Andalusian Church
Thierry and Ann are both professional translators. They founded the translation agency Belgian Translation Centre in Ostend (Belgium) and together with their 10 employees have turned it into a successful business. But success doesn’t come overnight, and Thierry and Ann experienced this personally: after fifteen years of hard labour, sometimes working up to 18 hours a day, after years of deadline stress and with hardly any spare time they began to look for something different …

As luck would have it, one of their clients comes up with the solution. Thierry and Ann get the chance to buy his apartment in Málaga, and after their very first trip through the region they are very impressed: beautiful weather, wonderful nature, diverse culture, friendly and sincere people, delicious dishes and most of all: the feeling of happiness you experience when you are where you are meant to be...

And if you’re happy somewhere, if you feel you’ve found your own paradise on earth, then why wouldn’t you stay there? That’s exactly what Thierry and Ann thought. “The decision to settle permanently in Cártama was not easy emotionally, because we had to leave behind an awful lot of things in Belgium. But it was an opportunity, perhaps a once in a lifetime chance to break the vicious circle of our everyday life. We thought it was worth the risk.”

Besides, Thierry and Ann didn’t have to do this alone. Some years ago Kurt Nachtegael moved to the South of Spain. In Belgium he had been the director of different large hotels and of the hippodrome of Ostend. He was visiting the south when he was invited to run the hippodromes of Mijas and Sevilla. Now he returns to his old love, the catering business. His thorough organisational skills and customer orientation as well as his experience and language proficiency (Dutch, French, English, German, Spanish) ensure that everybody feels perfectly at home. Exactly the person we were looking for to reinforce our team, Thierry laughs.

And now? Now no-one wants to go back to their old way of life: not Kurt, not Thierry or Ann, nor do their daughters. “We’ve made the right decision at the right time!”, they say enthusiastically.