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In fine shape for the Feria

Snow in sight
Herdsman in El Burgo
Andalusian beauty
Shade screens
Picturesque tour
Here comes the sun!
Seawall, Málaga
View of the snow-clad mountains
Bobbing on the water
The higher, the nicer
Our home artist
View from our hotel
Theme weeks
In the course of the year we organise a number of theme weeks, mostly around a certain sport: walking, cycling, mountain biking, mountaineering... These weeks are open to individuals as well as to groups. Apart from the sporting aspect the programme always covers a number of guided cultural trips.

Mmmmmm...The opposite is possible as well: groups that want to experience the culture of Southern Spain at first hand but are also interested in sports are naturally welcome as well.

Do not hesitate to contact us for further information on the programme, dates and rates. Tour guides with specific ideas regarding theme weeks can also appeal to our services. We examine the possibilities in consultation with these guides and try to devise a formula that satisfies everyone’s desires as well as possible.